Sunday, January 15, 2012

One of the things we enjoy is offering service to our clients - from giftwrapping an overseas gift order to getting a personalised message just right; from welcoming prams into our store to just being .. well .. polite. So it really steams me when service isn't offered. Take note telecommunications companies and mobile phone retailers - it's not hard surely to follow through on customer service. Meanwhile my mobile STILL isn't downloading images. Aaarrgh. (sorry - had to vent).
It is 24 hrs since I wrote the above post - this bit is an edit. I feel guilty. In the scheme of things, does it matter that my phone doesn't work. Not really, just an inconvenient reminder of inefficiency. But then I got an email from a dear friend in Africa who has set up an orphanage there. Mmmm, my problems pale. xx