Monday, June 30, 2014

A hothouse of butterflies flutters within,
my heart races to the chequered flag.
But my smile is wary.

I am so excited at what lies ahead.
I don't know what it is ...
but I am so there.
(Julie Holland, 'A Nest Twice Built')

I had a lovely lady in our shop today who wanted to let me know that my framed words which she had bought for her sister had helped immensely. They take pride of place in her house. It is so wonderful to receive this feedback and inspires me to get cracking on my next 'little book of inspiration, observation and humour'. Am thinking along the lines of Seasons .....

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What is it about certain movies that just get you in. Last night I watched (again) the 1985 Out of Africa. Love it. I even have the CD soundtrack. I think it overwhelms me because it's a BIG movie - the scenery, the times, the landscapes and when you know it was based on (as much as Hollywood can) a real life then the human story is big too. Not too much schmaltz nor gratuitous violence. It reminds you of the errors of colonialism and the importance of animal conservation, and I admire her storytelling skills. Beautiful.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Friends, so wonderful. Had a drink with a couple of girlfriends last week. We get together so rarely due to other commitments but what fun. Lots of swapped stories, ideas, advice freely given and accepted..and encouragement. Isn't that what friends are for too? To encourage; not to be jealous, nor to be absorbed in their own world all the time, nor ignore others' thoughts and lives.