Wednesday, March 16, 2011

THOUGHTS FOR JAPAN: What do you do when a line you've always taken solace from takes on a different meaning. Alfred Noyes's line from his poem 'Forty Singing Seamen' was offered to me from a friend for "when things become negative in your life".
'There's a magic in the distance where the sealine meets the sky' is beautiful and I have often reflected on its meaning and comfort. But now, I can't help thinking of what else that sealine can bring, what comes from the distance to totally alter lives. I think I will approach it like this: the surge of destruction comes and goes, that's life. It leaves unforgettable heartache, but the sealine will settle again. I wish all those affected my love, and my desperate hope that their lives may, one day, settle again. My door is open and if you, and all those still suffering in Queensland too, could come and stay a'while you are welcome. xx