Wednesday, May 5, 2010

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Look beyond the surface. See what treasures lie beneath. This image is of a beautiful frangipani branch, but take the time to focus behind it and who knows what you'll find.
I have just come across a really interesting blog: Its writer, Annabel Candy, spreads its message of living positively and in it she has a neat idea - How to Make a Wish
1.Come up with some wishes of your own or at least one of them.
2.Write your wish down. Committing your wish to paper which will help you commit to it in every way.
3.Now work out what’s standing between you and your wish. Is it fear? Anxiety? Doubt? Laziness? Time Constraints?
4.Whatever it is bury it for good. Lay those mind sets to rest and make your wish come true.
Mmm .. what is your wish. I'm sure we are all tempted to say such things as world peace, end to animal cruelty, no more famine or child pornography etc. They would certainly be on my lofty list and I work towards supporting their end in different ways. But on a purely selfish, now/today level what would it be. For me, to have another book published. I have started (which is good), but I have several on the go (which is bad) so I have to pick a favourite and get it out there (which is daunting). But now it's committed here so I WILL DO IT. Keep you posted, and please keep me posted on your wishes. (In the meantime sign every 'Save the Whale' petition you can find!).